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Chris Doud, The Flat (2016)
(Good Luck Thrift Store frontman, Chris Doud's latest solo release)

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  New Release


Chris Doud, The Cut (2016)
(b-sides and bootlegs companion album to The Flat)

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  New Release



The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit

Kitchen Party Vols I & II
Super Rare 2-Disc Live Compilation!
Very limited hard copy supply, act fast.
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the heckabad mission

Heckabad Music is committed to bringing you music. We've been doing just that since 1992, when 4-track cassette recorders ruled and "roots music" was just a twinkle in her daddy's eye.  We'll never claim to have the next big thing, nor will we pressure you to buy any of the big things we might actually have. We are merely committed to bringing you music.

We are an independent record label. We are a collective of musicians. We produce music. We distribute music. We promote music. We love music.

We believe in the live performance. We pine for the relationship that existed between performer and audience before the advent of the phonograph or the wire or the wax or payola. We'd like to think that a snippet-in-time, stagnant, recording of music does not even come close to the mind-expanding experience that music could and should be. Hey, but albums are still pretty darn cool. 

We honor and cherish the marrying of words and music.  We never lose sight of the fact that lyrical song was born of ancient oral traditions of storytelling to pass down wisdom and history, and we try our best to nurture that tradition.

We shy from using genres to label our artists. Listen, and label them yourselves if you must. Our goal is poetry, the story, and an honest day's music. Our ongoing mission is to seek out brave new stuff, to go where few hipsters have gone before...just like the good boat Enterprise. We are not Trekkies, but that was a good show.


latest news:

November 2016
The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit is getting serious about starting their 4th studio album project. New songs are being worked out as we speak. Stay tuned. In the meantime we have made available some previously only limited release items, namely their double live CD they did for their last kickstarter campaign and the EP that they put together too as part of that. Go to the store to check it out.

July 2016
Shipping costs keep going up! (sad face) We've been trying to just eat the increases, especially on international orders, but can't afford to do it any longer. Just be forewarned, foreign purchasers especially. We'll try to throw in some extra goodies when we can to help ease the pain...

July 2016
The 10th cycle of the 52 Week Club is upon us. If you're curious about what a 52 Week Club is, check it out: 52 Week Club
May 2013
The long-awaited children's album is finally here.  In case you're thinking this is just "kids stuff" and if you don't have kids it's not worth your time... well you're flat wrong.  Willy Tea and Chris have been writing music for 20 years.  In that time, songs get recorded as solo projects or with bands, as in the case of the recent Good Luck Thrift Store projects. Some of those songs felt a little like they'd be suitable for a younger crowd and so they've just been squirreling them away like nuts for winter over the years and finally decided they had enough to compile them all into one mega album. Features all original acoustic music by Chris Doud, Willy Tea Taylor and Joey No Knows, with banjos, guitars and harmonicas, and showcases the mandolin talents of Chandler Pratt throughout.
October 2012
The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit released their 3rd studio album on October 9th, 2012.  They all think it's the best one yet.  So take a listen to the few tracks they have posted here and there or buy the whole darn thing and be done with it.

other things we do:

Heckabad is the proud host of the 52 Week Club; an international collective of songwriters bent on going insane. Membership requirements: try to write a song-a-week for one year. We have helped many of these artists record their music and continue to promote and rave about their accomplishments. Check out the 52 Week Club and also on Facebook: 52 Week Club Facebook Page

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