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Chris Doud

The Land Farthest West

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the heckabad mission

Heckabad Music is committed to bringing you music. We've been doing just that since 1992, when 4-track cassette recorders ruled and "Americana music" was just a twinkle in her daddy's eye.

We are an independent record label. We are a collective of musicians. We produce music. We promote music. We love music.


latest news:

Summer 2021!
Chris Doud's new solo project is finally available on all streaming platforms and hard copies are available in the store.
2 years in the making and finally finished during the great pandemic lockdown. 2-disc album! Disc 1 features Chris' new band, The Salvage Company: Ryan Coscia on drums and Jacob Canada on the bass. Disc 2 features a long list of talented musical guests that came by to help out on the tracks.

Shipping costs keep going up! (sad face) We've been trying to just eat the increases, especially on international orders, but can't afford to do it any longer. Just be forewarned, foreign purchasers especially. We'll try to throw in some extra goodies when we can to help ease the pain...

The 52 Week Club is still going strong. Heckabad is the proud host of the 52 Week Club; an international collective of songwriters bent on going insane. Membership requirements: try to write a song-a-week for one year. Check out the 52 Week Club and also on Facebook: 52 Week Club Facebook Page


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